THINKINGE, The dreamer, The pioneer,whose step firm and heroic,attentively discover, enjoy happy life……

THINKINGE is always insisting her creative concept of "Attentively discover, enjoy happy life", clinging to search the infinite possibility under a freely creative environment. Her life attitude is fashionable and her lifestyle is bran-new, which takes her wider view and bran-new thinking, have no fetter,no vulgar, only have the incisive and vivid creative.

We're clinging to look for the elements of the creative household which you have dreamed, insisting to put the creative in the first place, heading to cooperate with several foreign creative teams. Through the newfangled creative to present you a bran-new household items' apparence, strive to take you more fresh and surprise by every new borned product. Our product covers the household items, kitchen and both, bedroom, office, etc. Finding the concept of creative, interest and beauty in your life, so that you can change it into tangible products and which can also move our life.

THINKINGE, the brand which is forwarding to her beautiful future by thinking.

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