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The Notification of urgency situation about Dilive

Publish time 2011-05-25

Dear Customers:

Hope everything goes well with you! Thank you very much for your always support. It is your support that makes us get long-term development.
Due to the recent growth of business, our Storage Department is in great  pressure. In order to fully guarantee that you receive the right goods and promptly delivered, now everydays delivering  situations are as follows:
If the order is confirmed before noon and the stock is available ,we'll diliver the goods at night or next day's morning. If the order is comfirmed in afternoon and the stock is available, goods will be dilivered in next day's afternoon or the following day's morning.The most important thing is that we will send out goods ASAP if they are ready!
If there are any inconveniences, we beg your pardon! We appreciate your understanding.

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May 24, 2011

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